Once again, GO365 Travel has invited different agent representatives accross Southeast Asian countries to join an exciting networking trip under theme “EASTERN MARVEL”. With Poland and Germany as the main destinations, a total of 26 persons have agreed to participate, including 11 agents from Indonesia, 6 from Vietnam, 1 from Myanmar and 1 from Thailand. This time around, the trip was also joined by media representatives, 2 from CheckTour Thailand and 1 from Detik.com Indonesia. 4 staffs from GO365 Travel also accompanied the program.
Aside from familiarizing with GO365 Travel services and teams, the main objective of the networking trip includes inspecting local hotels and restaurants, networking with various travel agents and suppliers. The networking trip team visited many interesting locations in Poland such as Monastery Jasna Gora and the Concentration Camp, as well as Volkswagen Factory and Sanssouci Palace in Germany. The whole program was supported by local tourism offices, land operators and suppliers in Poland and Germany.
The trip turned out to be not only educative, but also enjoyable, as highlighted by the participants. They have now new concept of tour attractions & routings in order to promote it to their clients in their respective market. The group has good relationship and will continue networking for both friendship and business, as well as be supportive of GO365 Travel.

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