Azerbaijan - From Mud Volcanoes to Impressive Architectures

Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan) is a tangle of contradictions and contrasts which is considered as part of Europe or Asia. The best time to visit is in summer (May–Aug), when it's warm and dry. Parks and city squares are in bloom for the Baku Flower Festival (May). 

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Heydar Mosque

The capital of Baku boasts an incomparably beautiful Heydar Mosque, The largest Mosque in the entire South Caucasus region. In two and a half years, a great piece of architecture was created.







Baku, City Of Light

Baku is called “ the City of Lights”. The downtown of Baku is full of colorful lights and interesting architecture with the waves of Caspian Sea adding a peaceful ambiance to it. A lovely panorama will make the walk gratifying. 



Wine Tasting Tour

Discover the taste of Azerbaijani wine and dive deep into the wine making process with us. The tour will introduce you the unique characteristics of Azerbaijani grapes, also giving a chance to taste those unique wines.







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